Sunday, November 23, 2008

Coffee with milk, pls

I'm drinking my first coffee with milk in this country, and I can't leave this behind, why? because for 22 years of my life I used to drink coffee with milk, all the days, on breakfast or "Onces" in the afternoon. This is like a Family tradition, my grandmother gave me all the time this delicious drink, and then my mom gave to me when I was at home. And all of this drinks are connected in their composition.. Colombian Coffee :P . This coffee that I'm drinking makes me feel like in home, because is quite similar to my Mom's coffee with milk :P .

Maybe this is one of the reasons because here, in this side of the world we are happy, or more than in other places. Because we can find in the small things the reason the be happy. My happines for this moment is this coffee with milk. Is incredible how a simple cup of coffee can make me feel happy, just for this moment. Leaving far from home you learn to appreciate much more the simple things in life.

A simple cup of coffe makes remind me my home, my grandmother and my mom (many important things for me), so, what simple thing can make you remind your important things in life?

Pd. Thank you Pato for the coffee :P

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