Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas is coming....

So far, we're close to december, we're close to Xmas, I'm close to live my first december far from home. Everything in this city was changed to recive the Christmas. Since one month everything is becoming green, red and with some "gringo" feeling that I don't like. Leaving behind the fact that this country, specially this city, is surrended to the "American dream" (something that I don't like), this will be a new experience, and more interesting if I take into consideration that we are going to live a multicultural christmas, that we will present to everybody our special Colombian way to do it I will be happy at that moment :)

More feelings that I have in this moments are:
  • A bit sad, because I'm going to miss all the light of my city
  • Missing family and friends.
  • I had a very important thing to do in Christmas, go to the 93 park with a special person to enjoy the holydays.
  • Missing the natilla, buñuelos, chocolate, tamal and all the Christmas food
  • The feeling that this will be an incredible time
  • The need to give special gifts that people will remind forever.
  • Living my first Xmas out of home, but be sure that won't be last.
  • Knowing that I will leave this place in less than two months.
  • Being excited about going to another place to live and enjoy another culture
  • Believing that good things happen to good people and that life has a lot of good things to offer me
I want to end this post with the image of my last night at home, ten months ago, with a beautiful full moon, like the star that guided the three wise men to their destiny :).

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