Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The begining of the end

This week I lived the first days of my last days in this country. Why I know that? because a lot of people that were in this office were fired. There are new winds coming to this office. The company I work for will be closed. I don't know why, the thing is it will be closed, and the people that still work there will work for another company.

Everyone of us has that kind of "bad" feeling about this, some of the guys want to leave, find another options; I, as a trainee, have to work until January, when my contract finish... and then I will go to another place in this world. Time is giving to me, now I'm finishing it, this time that life gave to me this year out of home, far from friends, from my land, from my people... is ending....

Is incredible how life change every second, one month before I had everthing clear, I wanted to stay here until my Intership ended, and then go back home and live there again. Two weeks before I decided to work abroad, so Colombia will not be an option now. Few days ago the company told us that they are going to sell our flat, and that we ave to find another place to live, me for one and half month, Mathias for four months more and for the new trainees. Definitely the only thing permanent in life is change.

So, what's next? find a new Home, for the time that I will be here, actually I have one now, but I want to find a very nice place for my dears trainees. Try to save money, to go in exchange again, and wait for the most strange and first Christmas out of home.

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