Sunday, November 30, 2008

La rosa de Hiroshima

Hoy, escuchando Historia del Mundo como todos los domingos, pude comprender la magnitud del fin de la segunda guerra mundial y quiero compartir este poema sobre el genocidio causado en Japón por las fuerzas norteamericanas.

Piensen en las criaturas
Mudas telepáticas
piensen en las niñas
ciegas inexactas
piensen en las mujeres
rotas alteradas
piensen en las heridas
como rosas cálidas
Pero oh no se olviden
de la rosa de la rosa
de la rosa de Hiroshima
la rosa hereditaria
la rosa radioactiva
estúpida e inválida
la rosa con cirrosis
la antirrosa atómica
sin color sin perfume
sin rosa sin nada

Vinicius de Moraes

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The begining of the end

This week I lived the first days of my last days in this country. Why I know that? because a lot of people that were in this office were fired. There are new winds coming to this office. The company I work for will be closed. I don't know why, the thing is it will be closed, and the people that still work there will work for another company.

Everyone of us has that kind of "bad" feeling about this, some of the guys want to leave, find another options; I, as a trainee, have to work until January, when my contract finish... and then I will go to another place in this world. Time is giving to me, now I'm finishing it, this time that life gave to me this year out of home, far from friends, from my land, from my people... is ending....

Is incredible how life change every second, one month before I had everthing clear, I wanted to stay here until my Intership ended, and then go back home and live there again. Two weeks before I decided to work abroad, so Colombia will not be an option now. Few days ago the company told us that they are going to sell our flat, and that we ave to find another place to live, me for one and half month, Mathias for four months more and for the new trainees. Definitely the only thing permanent in life is change.

So, what's next? find a new Home, for the time that I will be here, actually I have one now, but I want to find a very nice place for my dears trainees. Try to save money, to go in exchange again, and wait for the most strange and first Christmas out of home.

Measure of success: Number of shiny eyes are around me

This video is one of that things that can touch my heart. As the poem Aprendiendo, this video says a lot of beautiful things of life. My eyes was shiny when I finished watching it. I invite you to watch it. I will leave here some things that I like so much of the video:
  • Leader: Make other people powerful, awakening posibility in other people, when you see shiny eyes you know that you're doing it.
  • Measure of success: Number of shiny eyes are around me
  • I won't never say anything that could stand as the last thing I ever say.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The most used application now!

Now I'm deciding where I will go the next year. There are some options, and I'm waiting for some answers. Something is true, I'm not going back to Colombia. Why? because I feel that I've to know the world, or at least my continent :P, before come back home. That's the reason because the most used application now for me is Google Earth :P

All the days I'm visiting, from the sky, the posibles cities that I can visit the next year. I'm dreaming, thinking in what is going to happen next year, be excited looking forward, but also looking backward. Regarding all the things that I've lived here, knowing what I want to do, not knowing the steps that I've to follow, just following the light at the end. And Google Earth is giving to me the ideas of how will be it.

As a IT person I can say that google provide one of the best Internet Based applications. I love it, I love all the things that google can give to me and help me in all the things of my life (work, friends, telecommunications, etc). And I'm enjoying this in particular more than the others. The decision is taken, I only need to follow my dreams, become them true and live them.! I'm not sure what will be my next place in this wolrd, but I'm sure that will be another incredible experience. :D

Living in another era

Working in the same office, with people that has more less idea about IT and that in average has the same age as me I discover something.... I don't belong to this era, or maybe to this part of the world :P. All day they are talking about the same American Stupid Series (ASS, jjajajajajaja this could be the acronym...). How you can spend 4 or more hours of your day watching that ASS that is not giving anything to you? It's incredible, a guy that is more than 30 years spend the nights watching this ASS and playing video games, and he has a family and a job.... why he doesn't spend time with his children, enjoying their childhood, giving them that "special time" that will be so appreciated in the future?

I think that it happens for two reasons. First one is because they are like children, they don't matured... The second reason is because this is one of the bastards sons of USA. In this country every smells like USA, they wanted to create an American Dream, so in each street you can find people talking about baseball, a KFC, a MacDonals, a Burguer King... and in this office everybody talking about this ASS. They are living their "American Dream!", just to be prepared to go to USA, the dream of many people here. Maybe the mainly reason is a mix of this.

Being from Southamerica, where we are far from USA, we really enjoy our culture, I can demostrate that people that has cable watch more the national channels, as I did. Because watching your own reallity is 1000 times better than laugh with that stupid american jokes. Maybe they use this ASS to escape from their own reallity, thinking that life in USA are much better.

Being far from a TV for 10 months makes me realize something, that I'm only going to watch TV when something really interesting will be on air, like Discovery Channel, Natgeo or sports :P . Maybe movies and other fun stuff will be there but not all the time. The good thing is that I've less than 2 months here, so this crap conversations about ASS will be finished. I'm sorry for say this, but is the truth, I need more interesting conversations, about everything, but have a smart conversation with someone.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Coffee with milk, pls

I'm drinking my first coffee with milk in this country, and I can't leave this behind, why? because for 22 years of my life I used to drink coffee with milk, all the days, on breakfast or "Onces" in the afternoon. This is like a Family tradition, my grandmother gave me all the time this delicious drink, and then my mom gave to me when I was at home. And all of this drinks are connected in their composition.. Colombian Coffee :P . This coffee that I'm drinking makes me feel like in home, because is quite similar to my Mom's coffee with milk :P .

Maybe this is one of the reasons because here, in this side of the world we are happy, or more than in other places. Because we can find in the small things the reason the be happy. My happines for this moment is this coffee with milk. Is incredible how a simple cup of coffee can make me feel happy, just for this moment. Leaving far from home you learn to appreciate much more the simple things in life.

A simple cup of coffe makes remind me my home, my grandmother and my mom (many important things for me), so, what simple thing can make you remind your important things in life?

Pd. Thank you Pato for the coffee :P

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Y2K, close to 10 years after

I can remember the Y2K paranoid, I was 14 years old, and I can still smell the air of that moment.... Now I discover that I'm getting older. Talking with Raga I realized that this 9 years went so fast, finishing my high school, starting my University, being engineer and living in Dominican republic.... wow, a lot of things, looking only the big picture, in just 9 years, that's one of the reasons of this fast living years.

Getting older... Humm... nothing to said, just that I'm like the wines....... :)

Christmas is coming....

So far, we're close to december, we're close to Xmas, I'm close to live my first december far from home. Everything in this city was changed to recive the Christmas. Since one month everything is becoming green, red and with some "gringo" feeling that I don't like. Leaving behind the fact that this country, specially this city, is surrended to the "American dream" (something that I don't like), this will be a new experience, and more interesting if I take into consideration that we are going to live a multicultural christmas, that we will present to everybody our special Colombian way to do it I will be happy at that moment :)

More feelings that I have in this moments are:
  • A bit sad, because I'm going to miss all the light of my city
  • Missing family and friends.
  • I had a very important thing to do in Christmas, go to the 93 park with a special person to enjoy the holydays.
  • Missing the natilla, buñuelos, chocolate, tamal and all the Christmas food
  • The feeling that this will be an incredible time
  • The need to give special gifts that people will remind forever.
  • Living my first Xmas out of home, but be sure that won't be last.
  • Knowing that I will leave this place in less than two months.
  • Being excited about going to another place to live and enjoy another culture
  • Believing that good things happen to good people and that life has a lot of good things to offer me
I want to end this post with the image of my last night at home, ten months ago, with a beautiful full moon, like the star that guided the three wise men to their destiny :).

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Life Cycles

In this just moment I discover something, I begin to close one of the cycles in my life. How I discovered that? Easy, doing something that put me here, in this part of the world, creating an email to invite people to join us, to join exchange ... to join AIESEC.

Why I'm here? because one year ago, exactly One year an one month ago (for that strange things in life today is 18 :P ) I recived an email, with a very interesting image, telling me that I can go to some place in the world to work, to have an incredible experience. So I applyed, and more than one year after I'm doing the same, inviting people to go in exchange.

Forrest Gump Mom Said: "You've got to put the past behind you before you can move on. " Maybe now I'm doing that, not leaving this experience behind, because this is the experience of my life, just I'm just giving the chance to others to live what I did. I'm giving to them the same idea that changed my life.

When I was more young :P I used to watch a program in Discovery Channel, that was called Connections, where a very funny old guy presented a story, and began to connect the characters, the places, the stories, and after one hour of connecting he returned to the begining of the path, the first story. So I'm doing the same, connecting my last story with the first, after ten months of living here.

It means that everything that this place can gave to me is enough. Now the countdown begins, I've choosen what I want, I want to work abroad again, no for the same reason of this trip, that was change my life, go out home and live something different (instead learning new things of my career); the reason now is that I need to learn a lot of new things that will help me in my professional life, and also to know the world :D

Another thing that gives me the security that I'm doing the correct thing, is my heart. Now it is beating like a drum, showing me the next step in my life. Follow your heart is the only truly way to be happy and success. This how you can be in your "pursuit of happiness", again this movie is appearing in this blog :P

Monday, November 17, 2008

Don’t ever let somebody tell you you can’t do something

If you say to some one that he can't do it you will change his life. And it's true. Regarding the movie where I heared this, "Pursuit of Happyness", the complete quote is this:

“Don’t ever let somebody tell you…you can’t do something. You got a gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves..they wanna tell you you can’t do it. If you want something go get it“.

Why I'm telling you this, because I discover that one of the reasons of being here is because my parents. They never said that I can't do something. In all the things that I wanted, they gave me all the things that I needed to accomplish my goals. Though they don't like my crazy ideas, like be in a Taekwondo club or going to Dominican Republic, the gave me their help in that or in another crazy stuff. Because of that I'm the person who is right now. They never told me this phrase, but in their actions they teached me that.

And I know a lot of people that is like me. That they go for they goals, for their dreams, for their lifes. Some of them are my friends, and now a lot of them are doing things that they love and that they found after a hard way. I'm so proud of that, of knowing people who has dreams and live thems. And you dear reader, do you go for it? for your dreams? I'm sure of that, because if you are reading this is maybe because you are my friend :)

Every happens because a reason

I'm writing this post with tears in my eyes, the reason, happiness. Because of me? no. Because one of the most importants persons of my past. She was the first love in my live, the first closest friend, the first woman that was close to me and to my heart. Now she is a woman of success, working in one of the most imporant companies of IT in the world. Why she obtained that? The answer is easy: perseverance.

She is one of the smartest persons that I've met. I met her 5 years ago, we had a friendship for 4 years, we were so close friends, working together and sharing lifes together. Each one of us chose a different way in ours lifes, I decided to travel around the world, she decided stay and working in Colombia. Now I'm looking forward, looking for a job in other country, that gives me different things and new knowledge, because the next country has to be a non speaking spanish country. She is working in a multinational company, with an exelent salary and oportunities.

I'm so proud of was a friend of her. I know her a lot, and talking again with her I discover a different person, and it is incredible for me. All the things that happpened to her during this year did the things that are happening to her now. That's the reason of the title of this post. All the things happens because a reason. I will give you an example. We appplyed to a Master in our U, they rejected us! why? I don't know, but looking backward, this was the best that could happened to us. If we were approved, we were now in the Master, and no enjoying our lifes like now.

It's incredible how her life makes me regard a movie, "The pursuit of happyness". After a lot of work, problems and disappointments, she obtained what she wanted. I'm really happy for her, and I'm sure that she will have whatever she wants, as everybody, you only have to wish, you only have to smile and the world will smile with you.

Señorita Diana, muchas gracias por todo, de seguro vas a seguir así y vas a crecer mucho más. Me siento muy orgulloso de haber conocido a una persona como tu en la vida, a pesar que estamos muy distantes, siempre te tengo presente y espero que algún día podamos tomarnos una aromática (tu no tomas café :P). Un abrazo gigante!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Footprints in the sand

Yesterday I was in the most beautiful beach in this county, Bahía de las Aguilas. It's a hard way to go there, going by car after going by boat....

But seeing again the pictures, all the effort was worth it! Leaving behind the fact that we were close to the death in that hurry in the cars.... everything was OK. Now regarding the title of this post, I took a picture that in that moment gave me ideas and I want to share it with you:
What means the footprints in the sand for me? It means all the steps that I walked in my life, some of them are good memories, others no as good as I wanted, but all of them are my life, not only the sum of them. As you can see in the picture there are some footprints that are not as clear as the others, for me those are the ones that I want to forget, to leave behind and go further, like in the memory of the heart definition :) .

Only the deepest steps remains in the sand, that means that only the truly and deepest things that happened in life will stay there, like family, friends, studies, love.... all of them will stay in my life, in my heart, doesn't matter how huge is the wave or how strong is the sea, all the important footprints will stay there... forever...

Some times you can find another footprints close to yours, some times you will be alone, or some times you won't see your footprints, because someone could be carring you in his arms. Doesn't matter what happens, there will be always a footprints in the sand, and when you see behind, you will find your life in the sand :), so what means the footprint for you?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Living in the United Nations :)

Some time before I discovered that the friends of my roomates call my home "United Nations", why? because we were living there 4 people from different nationality. Until today we were Greece, Hungary, Germany and Colombia. Today one of us left the flat, grecolandia found that his way is not longer more in this country.

I think that this is the begining of the end. Now I can count the days... less than 80... after 10 months of life.....

Living in the United Nations gave me a lot of things, tolerance, patience, auto control, take care of me in all senses, understanding that people are different and no matter how many times you try to teach them the "correct way", they will always do in their way, gave me the way of how I want to live.... This mini United Nations just teached me a lot of things that I needed in my life, now I'm different because of that.

I want to finish this post with this nice picture, that the last member of United Nations took. In this picture are people from UK, Rumania, Dominican Republic, Hungary, Greece, and of course Colombia! 6 nationalities under the same roof, who can do this, its simple, AIESEC.

Discovering the Florentino Ariza Shadow

When I was in high School a very special teacher teached me that we, the Youth, are called to be the Light of the world, we are smart, we have energy, we are like a candle in the middle of the darkness :). I really believe in that, since that moment I have been trying to be a candle, a lot of people told me that I am. In high school people knew that, some times they said me that I pushed them in order to go into their goals. In the university I didn't help as many people as I did in high school, but it was more gratifying.

I always want to be a candle, but some times I feel like a shadow, regarding the main character of "Love in time of Cholera", Florentino Ariza, when his girlfriend, the woman that he loved the most, saw him again after years of be separated, and discovered that all the ideas, dreams and thoughts that she had with him, just desappear, why? because she realized that he was a shadow.....

Recently, I felt that, some times people don't listen to me, don't pay attention to me, is like I don't be here.....

Yes I know, it only happened a few times, but yesterday I really realize it, regarding some mail that I recived, I'm just a number, just a person who count in a company, in an exchange, in a team, and that means some money... where is the person who smile, who laugh, who help, who take care of the others, who love.... ? maybe I'm just a number in the shadow's place in the middle of the caribbean.........