Saturday, October 11, 2008

One of the best days in this place :)

The last thursday I lived one of the best days in this country. The reason: Is the first time here that somebody says that we are doing a good job! Who said that: The executive cheif of the group of companies where I work. Everybody says that he is a bad person, a person who says the things in the worst posible way. That day was my first meeting with him. We didn't know that he will be in the meeting. When the client told us that It was like "Ohhhh my God!!!, now who is going to help us!!", like my favorite hero use to say!

After the presentation the only think that they said was: We love it! "Unbelievable", was the first thing that I thought. After all the work, all the meetings, all the coding, all the disagreements, all the disappointments, all the time.... our work just like them! That was the first time for me in this country. I'm happy for that, it helps you to do a better work, to give more than before and to try to realize more things that you didn't because you weren't motivated.

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