Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Manito and his simple life

He is Manito, and this is one day in his life.
  • He works in different places of the neighborhood, doing whatever he can, washing the dishes, fixing things, cleaning.....
  • The paid that he recieves is food
  • And he collects like $50 pesos each day (less than US$2)
  • He spend this money in a little bottle of rum.
  • This is his "Personal dose" and all the time he is in the street or in the alleys.
  • And all the days he does exactly the same.
  • Some times people gives him cigarettes or beer
  • Some people of the neighborhood talks to him asking about how is he, how are you feeling....
  • People can think that he wants money... when the only thing that he needs is food, drinks and someone to talk...

So next time when you think that your life is difficult, that you have problems, that is better if you were not in this world... think about people with other style of life, where the biggest problem is to not earn enough money to buy a little bottle of rum. That maybe there are people outside who has a different meaning for happiness, like Manito, and his simple life....

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