Thursday, October 2, 2008

Love and other devils

Maybe you supose that I'm going to translate a past post that has the sime title of this but in spanish. I tell you, No. This post is about how I discover something that Pablo Neruda said in his Poem XX: "Es tan corto el amor y es tan largo el olvido/Love is so short and forgetting is so long" Always the quistion will be why? why it happens? why it happens to me again? Now I don't have the answer, maybe is like Steve Jobs said: "You can only connect them (the dots) looking backwards" then I will know what happened with me, the next question is when?

I hope that life will bring me something good, that will be with me all my life, then I think that all this "dots" that I'm living are because of that, I need to live a lot of things in order to know the value of the most important things in life, when they appear...

Things learned:
  • Good things in life just appear, you don't need to look for them
  • People can change witout a reason
  • Life is not perfect, If you think that is because you forget something. Always there is trick waiting for you.
  • God doesn't close a door without openning a window
  • Don't trust in people so fast
  • Everything that grows as a palm falls as a coconut.
  • Enjoy each good moment that you have in your life because tomorrow those moments can disappear.
  • Believe that God has something good waiting for you, wherever place in the world.
Thing to learn:
  • How to forget fast
  • Discover when you are going to live the same shit that you lived before
  • Improve the use of the "Heart memory"
  • Be carefull with your feelings
  • Accept that people that you loved in the past can be your friends
All the life is a countinous process of learning, the problem is that the experiencie is like shit, everybody knows where is it, but nobody wants to take it!.

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