Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Living in the "Tigueraje" city

So far I discovered something in this place, after living with Europeans from different parts of Europe, what did I discover? That the only way to know a Culture and understand it is going to the deepest part of a city... as my roomates did :) I don't have the courage to go there and take pictures... but my lovely roomates have it, after months of "Tigueraje Friendship". In this post I want to share with you this Dominican reality, that we see each day when we look outside of the window :) . I have to confess that I've never never been there, in the places where the "Tigueraje" is the law, because I'm really scared that they will steal me something, or that something bad can happen to me, so I present to you the "Tigueraje City" seen from the eyes of the europeans, my lovely roomates ;)

This is the street close to home, in a random nigth

They are the people of our neighborhood, common dominicans, no the ones that is in a Jeep, or in a Porsche, no, they are people who works during the day and enjoy their free time in the nights, with my roomates :P

This happens in the streets, that are close to home, but what happens in the "Barrio"? My roomates went there, and this is what they found...

So what they discovered? A dog, a man and humble houses.....

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