Monday, September 1, 2008

Time machine

Hi everybody. This is my first post, lines, thoughts, inspiration stuff.... whatever ;)

Some time I thought about create a blog to post technical stuff, about my job, some results, some solutions..... but I found that the Web is so polluted with this blogs; then I left that idea...

Now, living in Santo Domingo for seven months, I thought about how I will remember my life... Photos!!!! bad idea, actually I don't have a camera...., write a dairy..., i thought that it was for girls.. but I'm a IT person!!!! Why not create a Blog!!!!!!

This is my time machine, my dairy, the way to remember my life in the future.... If my parents buried a metal box with photos, newspapers and stuff of their age, my way to do that is to put all the things that represent me in some period of time over the Web, somewhere in this mad world.... in order to find them up in the future.....

That's the reason of my blog's name, evoking that Iron Maiden album :P.... but it's the true, this blog was created because in a few years i will come somewhere back in time to laugh and cry, remembering my life.... how I realized my stuff, how I grew, how I built my life, how I lived.... how I kept me alive..... everything somewhere back in time..... :)


También lo cree para practicar y mejorar mi Inglés jejejejej.... cualquier duda, sugerencia, inquietud o groseria son bien recibidas :D

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