Saturday, September 13, 2008

So cold, So happy, So home

It's 11:20 pm in Bogotá City, and I'm there!!! :)

I feel a lot of feelings, mixed feelings. I think that I'm leaving behind some things that are hurting me now, but I'm going to live and incredible 2 weeks with all my family and friends. I've a lot of things to do, but I feel that I've all the energy and way to do the things, I want to achieve all my goals, that I defined before come here. I will, but the point is, what's next?. What is going to happen when I leave home?, how will be Sto Domingo?. I will take care about it in a few weeks... now I'm going to enjoy each second of my life in Bogotá.

I am sorprised about how cold is Bogotá, I had forgotten it, I need to refind, to rediscover, to meet again this city :) I will fall in love with this city, that I loved before :) Nothing is write for future, we just have to live each day, and then we will build a very happy future.

See you my blog, I'm going to feel you from Bogotá :D

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