Tuesday, September 16, 2008


At least, after more than five years, after a lot of work, after study, after travel more than 1500 Kms...... after all.... now I can say "I am an engineer".... :D :D :D. Engineer at least! For me is unbelievable. Is something that I want to be since I was in high school. When I was a child, I wanted to be a Doctor... then I discovered how to be a Doctor.... I was totally wrong!!!... But I always have been good with maths, physics, computer stuff.... then in a few seconds when I was filling my university application, I decided to study Systems Engineering, it's quite strange that I decided my future in a few seconds..... maybe it happened because you know that you are doing well when your hearth said it! Then five years passed quickly.... five years of work, of nigthers, of learning, of theories, of passion, of friendship, of love! During this five years I grew, now I'm a different person, in the essence I'm the same, I fought to keep my essence ;). But now I'm a mature person, who has a vision of his life... Before I used to live in function of my study and the people who were around me.... Now I think in my dreams, in my future, in me as a person (without selfishness), and of course all the thing that I do are always oriented by the hearth. What's next? hard question.... I don't know..... Work.... just the necesary to apply to a MSc, travel.. for sure :), stay in home... of course not!; maybe one thing is or sure live abroad. I love my country, but its time to me to leave, I'm doing it now, living in Santo Domingo for a year, but I need more, my travel spirit needs more of the world... when I'll be able to come back, my hearth will tell me... but now is not an option to live more than 1 year in Colombia. Now I only want to enjoy my city, my family and friends, then come back to Santo Domingo, decide what is going to happen with me and keep hard working! The future is over there... I just have to catch it and enjoy it!

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