Thursday, September 4, 2008

Between a Metropoli and Macondo :)

Today I was reading the Dominican Newspaper, as usually, and I found a pretty good article about Bogotá. I want to share this article with everyone, because is something about my city, seen from the eyes of a foreign person.

Just think about a city that is 2600 meters close to the stars, where 8 million people live, that has a structured transportation system, that is cold but warmed by its people, a place where everybody says thank you, a place that has problems, like all the places, but that has the courage to face and solve them, a city that....... I can write a book about Bogotá..... ;)

Now I'm ten days far from Bogotá, I really want to go there, to visit all the places and to buy a lot of things to show to the persons here what we are. I'll miss the Christmas stuff, we always turn on all the lights, all the city is like a huge Christmas tree, we sing, we dance, we pray, we are happy.....

I'm just waiting to live a Dominican, Rumanian, Colombian Christmas :) , to turn on all our best feelings and senses, to believe that we can change, that we are good, that we can dream.... to revive all that good feelings that only Christmas can revive.....

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